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Summer SUP Rentals

1/2 Day (4 Hours): $45
Full Day (4-8 Hours): $60
24 Hour (Overnight up to 24 hours): $70

*Quick Comparison: Our rentals are up to 40% cheaper than comparable companies in a 4 hour radius. Some other SUP rental companies are charging $45 for only 2 hours and $85 for a full day rental with no overnight option! Plus we're the only outfitter that lets you choose your destination anywhere in the state and we bring the boards to you!

Your Rental Cost Includes

Stand Up Paddleboard
Adjustable SUP Paddle
PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
Board Leash (to strap around ankle or above calf)

Custom Board Upgrades

For the fisherman in mind, you can rent a board with a swivel rod holder to free up your hands! $10
For all the memories you want to capture, you can rent a board with a camera mount on the nose! $10
Deluxe Board-Kayak Hybrid*: This versatile board comes with the features mentioned above plus a kayak style seatback which makes it ideal for longer tours, fishing, and catching it all on camera. $20 *Includes extra kayak paddle for free, along with the opportunity to enjoy both Kayaking and SUPing!

Additional Rental Options

Wetsuit (to keep you warm and dry): $10
Kayak Paddle (to take a seat and switch it up a bit): $10
Waterproof Dry Bag (to keep all your valuables in the bag - DRY!): $10
Rash Guard (add a quick-dry shirt so you don't have to go commando under your PFD): $5
Roof Rack Pads and Straps* (to tie down your boards before you take off): $10 for every 2 boards

*We help you load and strap your board down for free with rental of pads and straps. We limit 2 boards to every roof rack to ensure safety on the roadways and to avoid damage to your vehicles. (There are exceptions to this limit for certain Trucks, SUV's & Vans depending on cargo bed length or ladder racks.)

On-Site Rental Equipment Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We are the only SUP outfitter in the region capable of delivering your rental selection directly to your desired paddle location. Whether you want to save the hassle of driving to our home base and transporting yourself, or you just want to wake up to your morning rental and go from where you are - we'll meet you anywhere to deliver and pick up the equipment as scheduled! We'll help you find the best launch point to get on the water and even put the boards in for you and see you off safely - so go ahead and reserve your next rustic river cabin or lakeside campsite and we'll be there to help you get up and on the water! All delivery fees are determined by distance from our home base in Teays Valley:

Less than 1 hour: $10
1 - 2 Hours: $20
2 - 3 Hours: $30
+ 3 Hours: Call to discuss delivery 1-8443-ABC-SUP (222-787)

*Quick Comparison: We recently rented boards from an outfitter in the Pacific Northwest region that charged a $20 Flat Fee for delivering anywhere around there local lake (10 Mile Radius) and no further.

*URGENT* MUST READ: If it's your first time renting from us, we STRONGLY SUGGEST you opt-in to our Brief Orientation to accelerate your rental experience (previously mandatory) - Since less than 1% of our local population has attempted SUPing, we obligate ourselves to facilitating the most fun, safety, and overall satisfaction for your experience on the water. We devote the first hour of your rental to rocking out the Quick Start to SUP course accredited by the ACA* where you'll learn all the basics to having a blast on the water:

  1. We begin with a quick warmup of SUP terminologies and demonstrate proper board carries to put into the water.
  2. Then we preview the "4 W's" (Wind/Water/Weather/Waves) and how to launch safely before standing up.
  3. Finding the sweet spot for standing up and engaging the paddle with proper strokes and maneuvers.
  4. We then discuss safety and demonstrate rescues on the water so that you're self-sustainable should anything arise when you're left unattended! By now you've become confident and comfortable enough to enjoy your rental to its fullest potential without the concern for any unknown hazards and your own safety! You also gain the option of testing out different boards to determine your best fit for maximum fun factor! It takes a little effort up front, but most first-time paddlers enjoy their rental experience much greater when they know what they're doing!!!
In the past, we didn't allow rentals without this mandatory orientation, and this lesson usually costs $30 per hour, but you can add the brief orientation to your rental for only $10 per person!

*Quickstart to SUP is an introductory course accredited by the American Canoe Association which is the Gold Standard in the paddle sports industry and has been making the world a safer place to paddle since 1880. All orientations are conducted by ABC founder Evan Young who is a Certified SUP Instructor by the ACA and SEIC (Safety Education & Instruction Council)

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