Appalachian Boarding Company
Appalachian Boarding Company

About Us : Why We Do This

Our mission merely begins with the board as we focus upon prompting all West Virginians to regain balance in their lives through exploring all the wild and wonderful waterways that West Virginia has to offer. Our state needs new outlooks and opportunities both for our future and for quality of life amidst current challenging conditions in our communities. That's why we're stepping out and standing up to address the needs of our local residents by providing the most exhilarating outdoor activities you'll find anywhere throughout our resilient state and region.

Appalachian Boarding Company is motivated by the purpose of preventing our youth from choosing wrong paths for their lives and facilitating progressive fitness routines and regimens for all ages to support our health and wellness here at home.

We seek to support any and all of those who've fallen victim to the seemingly insurmountable drug epidemic in our state by offering paddle therapy programs for those recovering from and looking to conquer their adversities. We paddle not for profit, but for a purpose that we know will help strengthen the backbones of our fellow West Virginians and will help us regain balance across all aspects of our local livelihoods. A portion of our proceeds will support community impact efforts to provide all people with the opportunity to experience our magnificent state's native resources. Our mobility enables us to forge our way through every valley and up every mountain in search of those in need of strength, hope, and support for the road or river ahead.

Whether we're enjoying a Kanawha River SUP session alongside our Capitol grounds, cruising down curvy old country roads on longboards, or jet-setting to serene surf destinations along the East Coast and Puerto Rico - we will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling our mission!

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