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Guided Tours

This is the ultimate in-state experience that Appalachian Boarding Company has to offer! We've scouted out every navigable waterway in Central and Southern West Virginia to deliver you a growing list of featured destinations for SUPing right here in our home state! Remember, one of the best things about our business is that we meet you with all the gear needed to get you on the water anytime and anywhere you choose! You can select from our list of Featured Destinations or discover your own. We'll be there to team up with you to scout it out, preview the location to find a launch point, and up we go for another guided tour in new territory. If you've really found a hidden gem, we might even name the tour after you! Probably the most incredible part of the process, for me personally, has been exploring West Virginia by searching for water - and I've discovered more beauty around every corner and curvy back road, out every holler, and up every forested hill than I ever realized was here. Growing up in WV, sometimes we take for granted how naturally and profoundly beautiful our home state really is - and there's nothing that reminds me of that more vividly than the unadulterated views of our Wild and Wonderful state from atop the water - so gather up your friends & family and get to the water with us!

Half Day Guided Tour (4 Hours): $70 per Person / Under 12 years old: $55
Full Day Guided Tour (8 Hours): $100 per Person / Under 12 years old: $80
All key equipment* provided for your tour at no extra charge!
*Stand Up Paddleboard, Adjustable SUP Paddle, Board Leash, & PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
(You can Upgrade Your Board and acquire Additional Rental Options at the bottom of the page)
Quick Comparison: Our Full Day Tours are priced 20% lower than any other SUP tour around! Plus we can explore over 90% more water territory for tours thanks to the mobility of our equipment and resources!!!

Full Day Tours go from 9 to 5 and include a deliciously diverse lunch infusing fresh fruits and power foods like avocados, pineapples, mangos, plantains, chicken or fish, orzo or quinoa, and naturally hydrating coconut water to keep the cramps away so you can paddle ALL DAY! Depending on the water source - we could even filet up some fresh catch on a fire for an incredible waterside experience instilling all the primitive wonders of the wilderness into your custom day-tour experience. (Don't let our hunger for adventurous dining scare you away - we'll pack PB&J and keep it simple with some sandwiches, chips, and apples if you prefer) Booking the best Guided Tour for you and your crew is as easy as A.B.C:

A) Start by previewing our Calendar of Events Page to see where we are and when. We might be scheduled to be in your neck of the woods that weekend already, or posting up camp for the same summer concert/festival/event you wanted to go to could join us there to jump on board! (We are active in or attending several sweet events you won't want to miss!)

B) Choose your desired location from our list of Featured Destinations or choose your own location and we'll adapt to the setting you want to explore! It could be SUPing down the river in your own back yard - or that tourism hot-spot you've always wanted to cross off your bucket list! Whether you want to take a loop around the lake or go from point A to point B down river, we'll transport you back to base wherever that may be, and see to it that you're both safe & satisfied.

C) Tailor the Tour to YOU and your crew! Any requests whatsoever can be made - no question or curiosity is too far-fetched for us to accommodate. Whether you want to explore every last fishing cove around the lake until you make the catch of the day, or you just want to lie belly up on a board and let the water whisk you away - we'll confront any adventure you can think of! So here's how this works - if you have a date set aside and a destination in mind, don't hesitate! Contact Us today to lock down that date and destination for your Guided Tour! We'll work through all the options with you and patiently pursue every little detail to deliver the best tour experience possible!

All tours are guided by ABC founder Evan Young who is a Certified SUP Instructor by the ACA (American Canoe Association) and certified for Safety & Rescue by the SEIC (Safety Education & Instruction Council)

Custom Board Upgrades

For the fisherman in mind, you can rent a board with a swivel rod holder to free up your hands! $10
For all the memories you want to capture, you can rent a board with a camera mount on the nose! $10
Deluxe Board-Kayak Hybrid: This versatile board comes with the features mentioned above plus a kayak style seatback which makes it ideal for longer tours, fishing, and catching it all on camera. $20 (Includes extra kayak paddle for free, along with the opportunity to enjoy both Kayaking and SUPing!)

Additional Rental Options

Wetsuit (to keep you warm and dry): $10
Kayak Paddle (to take a seat and switch it up a bit): $10
Waterproof Dry Bag (to keep all your valuables in the bag - DRY!): $10
Rash Guard (add a quick-dry shirt so you don't have to go commando under your PFD): $5

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