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Summer SUP Lessons

We encourage you to visit our Fitness page for great values on group classes, however if you prefer a more personalized approach to help you learn to SUP, we offer 1 on 1 lessons in 1-2 hour increments. We implement the Quick Start to SUP and Intro to SUP lesson plans provided by the ACA* and strive for progression to push you to your limits at a pace that's suitable to your skill level and paddling ability. Just by taking the leap to learn the sport, you'll be embracing a new and improved you - through the exhilaration of being on the water and invigorating your body with the primitive nature of paddleboarding. All lessons will be conducted by ABC founder Evan Young through a model of in-depth encouragement along the way. Bring 2 or more people with you to receive a percentage off your lesson!

1 on 1 Lesson Lasting 1 Hour: $45 (still less than the average personal trainer - those landlubbers charge anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour!)
1 on 1 Lesson Lasting 2 Hours: $70 (you've made it through the first hour - why not push it further?!?)
1 on 1 Lesson Package - 6 hours of Lessons: $175 (Less than $30 per hour) Can be used in 3 hour increments at most. We encourage re-visiting the water several days later after you've digested all the details and have recovered from any light soreness from all the dormant muscle fibers you've activated!
All lessons include FREE rental of all key equipment* for the duration of your scheduled lesson!

*Stand Up Paddleboard, SUP Paddle, Board Leash, PFD

Lessons work great for Team Building efforts too! In my past career, when building business by the millions ($) in the corporate world - I always kept in front of mind that "If you grow your people, your business will follow". Sometimes you have to take risks in order to reach your reward, therefore shifting the way you think, approach, and act on things to a higher level than before. You can't spell challenge without CHANGE, and that's what we specialize in - we'll help your staff, sports team, class, church, family, or childhood friends regain balance both on and off the board! After all - we are BALANCE ARTISTS!

Groups of 3-6: 10% off per lesson
Groups of 7-10: 15% off per lesson
Groups of 10 or more: We call that Boarding School! (Coming Mid-Summer 2016)

Summer SURF Lessons

We apply all the same rates above in conjunction with our Learn to Surf Series - This classifies as a Surf lesson and fitness class rolled into one for Intermediate paddlers and the adventurous at heart! Whether you want to learn how to surf before your next beach vacation or you want to add explosive full body power to your game - this fitness session breaks through all barriers with its unorthodox approach as we've pulled out all the stops with this progressive approach to surf training on our local lakes and rivers. Elements included are paddling from prone position, popping up (equivalent to burpees in Crossfit or up-downs in football) and a pulling system to simulate the swell of a wave so that you're truly prepared to take on the surf this summer!

I remember back to my first time surfing (trying) - I booked a session with a surf school and thought I'd be up on my board cruising and carving waves all afternoon. Well, this big kahuna was wrong as I was awakened to the fact that Surfing is one of the most demanding, exhilarating, and humbling experiences you'll ever have in your life! Then I met the locals of the Island that revealed to me that they were all wrong at the Surf School since they played up the fact that I'd be catching waves right away. What the locals taught me was respect for the sport and that you had to work for the wave... (something I wish I'd known a couple months prior to prepare for). I then spent the next several days learning the winning strategy for battling through the waves and paddling out past the break, I did pop-ups till exhausted and eventually saw the light to surfing and became brothers with my mentors. (Gracias, Taito y Ruben!)

*The final phase of our Surf Training includes Longboarding - because if you learn to Surf the Land, you'll be ready to carve the water once you catch a wave! Longboarding lessons/classes starting June 21st! (We will arrange Longboarding lessons prior to that date based on demand to get you ready to surf!)

**Surf Tours to Rincon, Puerto Rico projected for October 1st (Start of Surf Season there), New Year's Eve (because you're off work and need this in your new year!) and late February (biggest waves around!)

Summer Longboarding Lessons: Longboarding season starts June 21st (National Go Skateboarding Day) Check back soon for more details!

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